Half Mystic Journal Issue VI: Interlude

Half Mystic Journal Issue VI: Interlude

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Issue VI of Half Mystic Journal is out now, a stunning compilation of contemporary art, lyrics, and writing in celebration of music in all its forms. This issue showcases the theme of interlude: the keystrokes of transitory—the movement in the rest—the inhale before the storm. After years of exploring every breathless permutation of knee-deep sound, the Half Mystic team is excited, this issue, to soften. Step back. Find ourselves brilliantly enclosed, at once heavy and weightless in the beauty of silence.

Issue VI features the voices of Devin Kelly, Hana Widerman, Nicholas Bon, Jill Mceldowney, Jenna Kohut, Chelsea Dingman, Donna Vorreyer, Hazem Fahmy, The Woodlands, Gillian Herrin, Margaryta Golovchenko, Mark J. Mitchell, Give Me Motion, Diannely Antigua, Topaz Winters, David Anthony Sam, Emma Cairns Watson, Dana Alsamsam, Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach, Sara Hovda, Elizabeth Ruth Deyro, Ariana D. Den Bleyker, Quinn Lui, Yify Zhang, and Joyanna M.

This interlude feels like a silence we could settle into, a pause between main acts worthy of celebration. We hope you think so, too. We hope you find a resting point in this tender liminal space, light and lingering in the miracle of breath.

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