Crowd Surfing With God by Adrienne Novy

Crowd Surfing With God by Adrienne Novy

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About the book

Crowd Surfing With God is a coming of age journey through poems: a story of self-acceptance that discusses growing up with a rare genetic disorder & mental illness, family & being in a multifaith household, pop culture, & the acts of playing & listening to music bringing you closer to yourself & to healing. 

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Advance praise

Crowd Surfing With God is a book of consistent breaking and re-fixing. I love most how the book pulls at the edges of all of Adrienne Novy’s many parts, stepping outside the binaries of love, loss, identity, genre, and all manner of things holy. There is sharp language, and palpable imagery, yes. But what works best about the book is how it grabs a reader by each arm, dragging them into many new directions, where something new and impossibly bright is waiting to be discovered.” —Hanif Abdurraqib, author of The Crown Ain’t Worth Much and They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us 

“All of us cry and yet still the next day arrives, whether we like it or not, but it presents itself with an invitation to move forward in life. Strength lives within vulnerability. This book is a prime example of just that. It’s inspiring to anyone who has felt like a bit of a misfit, a black sheep, or a burden. It’s a gift to be able to share our stories and rise above, so I hope that it is well received and keeps on inspiring others to live through our pain. Those who get to read this can find relation and comfort in the most sincere manner and are lucky to have stumbled upon such an eye opening book. Thank you, Adrienne.” —Caitin Stickels, model, actress, and singer featured in Allure, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, V Magazine, and more

“Throughout this book, Adrienne asks the reader to not only reveal their softness, but revel in it. This book is a dance party, a late night confession, and a victory anthem to belt in the car. It invites us to praise the music that saved us and the people we sing along with. Holy is our survival. Fierce is our living. Let us celebrate what created us by not destroying us, and sing the chorus one more time.” —Bianca Phipps, author of White River Happiness

Press & reader reviews

Crowd Surfing With God is a book I’d suggest you coil with into the late at night when sounds of the world are drowned into the quiet hum of the body. The poems have a lyrical quality about themselves and grow in full potential to become your favorite songs. These are songs you sit yourself down in a spot of quietude; meditate upon and listen to— as though you’re speaking to a younger self. Novy’s poems are remarkable in their lyrical offerings of insight and are a way of reimagining things against the grain.” A review by Sneha Subramanian Kanta for Parentheses Journal

“Musical and heartbreaking, an anthem for every teenage girl that has ever cried to a band and wanted so badly for them to know that they are a part of your survival. Gorgeous.” A review by Caitlin Conlon on Goodreads

“Novy’s poems embody the dual roles of writing-as-healing and reading-as-healing, telling of their speaker’s hardships and inviting the reader to consider her own scars as constellations, suggesting they are as inseparable from the body as are stars from the night sky.” A review by Margaryta Golovchenko for The Coil

Crowd Surfing With God: The Movie would really be a collection of old home videos where the people we love and miss are still alive in them, as well as phone recordings of the bands we love playing our favorite songs that we recorded so we could always have those good memories to play back to.” An interview with Adrienne Novy in Freezeray Poetry

“If anything, I would tell her to start talking about poetry with her grandma now. ... Ask grandma to share her poems and favorite books.” An interview with Adrienne Novy in Fly Paper Magazine

“These poems are permission to live, permission to love the rough parts, permission to be comfortable in your skin. These poems are documentation, that if nothing else we were here, and we loved, and we loved so damn hard. … These poems are for the longwinded and frantic, whose own voices, they’ve been dying to hear for the first time.” A review by Jeremiah on Goodreads

“If music has ever saved your life, in any way possible, please read this wonderful collection of poetry. … Hit me right in the gut.” A review by Sakshi Jolly on Goodreads

“A truly brilliant and captivating collection with diverse poetic stylings that are sure to please any crowd (& surely inspire some crowd surfing).” An interview with Adrienne Novy in Rag Queen Periodical

“Numerous references to music’s power do not water down its concentration. Instead, the musical allusions steep, increasing their potency and their ability to resurrect the speaker’s belief in themselves; a beat which reverberates throughout the text. Religion in Crowd Surfing With God is not found in a church, in a synagogue, in a mosque or in any other formal place of worship. Instead, religion is found in art and its many mediums. It’s found between the pages of a book, or at a My Chemical Romance concert; it can be found in childhood pleasures such as Finding Nemo and the Little Toaster which help ease the pain of a childhood illness. Crowd Surfing With God is a place where pop culture, creativity, and music thrive. As the dedication reads, ‘for sick kids, for queer people of faith, for punks,’ Crowd Surfing With God is an inclusive place for everyone.” A review by Sara Pisak for Glass: A Journal of Poetry

“In Crowd Surfing with God, Addy Renee asks us to sing so long and goodnight to our solitude and offers her hand out to crowd surf towards self-love. Addy brought me back to my junior year of high school … and I want to stay in these good flashbacks. Her debut poetry collection is a pop punk concert, a teenage angst anthem, and the perfect music note of nostalgia that I sang along to when I felt alone.” A review by Eric Tu on Goodreads

“I only listen to the Fleet Foxes when the daffodils are born.” A guest post by Adrienne Novy for L'Éphémère Review

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About the author

Adrienne Novy is a teaching artist, Bettering American Poetry nominee, and musician currently living in Saint Paul, MN. Her work can be found in FreezeRay Poetry, Harpoon Review, Button Poetry, Maudlin House, NAILED Magazine, and Half Mystic Journal. She is from the Chicago suburbs and wants to start a band with you.