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Join Us

We are pleased to announce that we’re currently hiring new staff members.

All of our positions are remote and volunteer. To apply, email us at hello@halfmystic.com. General questions can be directed to the same email. Please include the following information in your application:

  • Bio (short, third-person bio about yourself)

  • What music means to you (what draws you to music? What keeps you there? Are you a listener, creator, both? Why do you love it?)

  • Resumé (prior experience in the field you’re applying to)

  • Supplementary material (see individual position descriptions)

  • Why you're interested in the position you're applying for (see individual position descriptions)

  • What you’ll bring to Half Mystic (what is your spark? Why do we need you? What do you have that no one else does?)

The positions available are as follows:

Work with the Associate Editor and Editor-In-Chief to write detailed editorial review on writing submissions to Half Mystic Journal, including acceptance or rejection recommendations, based on each piece’s craft, musicality, and adherence to the theme. Curate issues of Half Mystic Journal so that each piece works in context and conversation with each other and the theme. Supplementary material: choose three pieces of any length, style, genre, and subject matter published in any three online literary journals, and write a sample editorial review as if these pieces were submitted to Half Mystic Journal. Assume there is no theme to adhere to, and the only criteria you’re evaluating the pieces on are craft and musicality.

Journal editor

Interview Correspondent

Pitch three potential interviewees of independent musicians making an impact in the literary and artistic communities to the editor-in-chief per month, draft and revise interview questions, and correspond with interviewees to create a polished and insightful interview to be published on the Half Mystic blog. Also, interview musicians and artists featured in Half Mystic Journal, authors published by Half Mystic Press, and musicians and poets featured in Half Mystic Radio, for promotional material. Supplementary material: choose three of your favourite independent musicians and draft seven to nine interview questions for them each.


Create graphics using public domain stock images adhering to Half Mystic's visual aesthetic, for use on social media, the blog, and our email newsletter. Note that applicants may apply both as a designer and social media correspondent (see below); it is not mandatory, but if you are interested, simply include supplementary material for both jobs. Supplementary material: choose three of Half Mystic’s recent blog posts and create alternate graphics for them. Also create three sample graphics for use on social media; the first should read “Half Mystic Journal’s Issue V: Cadenza out now”, the second “20% off all Half Mystic Journal issues this weekend”, and the third "Adrienne Novy's Crowd Surfing with God out now from Half Mystic Press".

Social Media Manager

Curate, schedule, and post daily updates to Half Mystic's Twitter and Instagram feeds promoting our journal and books, latest blog posts, wholesale partners, and contributors' achievements. Interact with the HM community on these platforms, share contributors' work, and maintain HM's unique aesthetic and voice throughout. Supplementary material: write three potential Instagram captions and three potential tweets.