Preorders Are Open for Issue VII: Aubade

Dear friends, it’s a joy to tell you that we have just opened preorders for Half Mystic Journal’s Issue VII: Aubade! The aubade issue showcases the dawn-dizzy dance—the first chords of warmth—the sun forgiving everything it touches. It is is a resurrection out of dusk, a lovesong to the living.

This issue contains the voices of Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach, Em Bartholet, Maureen Evans, Dina Hardy, Courtney Felle, Quinn Lui, Meriwether Clarke, SK Grout, Mina Yu, Rex Ybanez, Sandra Chen, Mia and Jonah, Tyler Summers, Daniel Gallie, Lynn Werner, & more! It comes out on June 8, 2019, & you can preorder your paperback or PDF copy right here.

As always, all physical orders of Issue VII come with a free digital copy of the issue, & worldwide shipping is free for orders over $60. Don’t forget to also check your local library & independent bookstore to see if they’re carrying Issue VII—if not, they can remedy that right here.

If you’d like to submit your work to Issue VII, it’s not too late to get involved! Submissions remain open until May 9, 2019. Send us your best writing & music. Let’s make some dawn-strung magic together.

This new aubade issue speaks loud & clear of hope—& it does so with every knowledge of death as an old friend. When it speaks of hope it means baptism, reawakening, beginning. It means something sober yet mellifluous still, with a steady faith in how sunrise inevitably proves despair wrong. Issue VII knows it is impossible to sing & be afraid at the same time—& it knows too that the devil cannot stand mockery.

Preorder your copy today. It’s a diamond-lit wonder to share it with you.