From the Editor & GIVEAWAY: Adrienne Novy's Crowd Surfing With God


Friends, songbirds, & readers alike, we’re thrilled to tell you that—after a successful blog tour spanning twelve different stops across the internet—Crowd Surfing With God by Adrienne Novy is out now! You can purchase Half Mystic Press’ latest release in paperback or PDF form right here. It’s been an absolute joy bringing it to you. We can’t thank the following hosts enough for their gorgeously kind words on CSWG:

Isabelle Kenyon for Fly On the Wall Poetry: “Touch[ing] … heart breaking … varied.”

Eric Tu: “Asks us to sing so long and goodnight to our solitude and offers her hand out to crowd surf towards self-love. Addy brought me back to my junior year of high school everytime a My Chemical Romance, Nirvana, Fall Out Boy, or Green Day reference came up and I want to stay in these good flashbacks. Her debut poetry collection is a pop punk concert, a teenage angst anthem, and the perfect music note of nostalgia that I sang along to when I felt alone.”

Sakshi Jolly for Lunacorde: “If music has ever saved your life, in any way possible, please read this wonderful collection of poetry … [Crowd Surfing With God]hit me right in the gut … I fell absolutely in love.”

J David Ockunzzi for Flypaper Magazine: “This book is interested in growth, the tough conversations where we allow ourself permission to believe in something better of ourselves … These poems are permission to live, permission to love the rough parts, permission to be comfortable in your skin. These poems are documentation, that if nothing else we were here, and we loved, and we loved so damn hard … These poems are for the longwinded and frantic, whose own voices, they’ve been dying to hear for the first time.” 

As well, don’t miss interviews with Adrienne Novy in The Cerurove, Rag Queen Periodical, Flypaper Magazine, Freeze Ray Poetry, & here on the Half Mystic blog. Guest posts by Adrienne (including never-before-seen poems & playlists!) can be found in L’Éphémère Review, Occulum, & once more on the HM blog. & excerpts from the book are published in Fly On the Wall Poetry & Lunacorde. & finally, in the coming weeks, Adrienne will be stopping by Run & Tell That Reviews, Parentheses Journal, The Volt, Outliving Style MN, Body Without Organs to speak more about CSWG's creation process.

There’s more:

Don’t miss your chance to win one of three free physical copies of Crowd Surfing With God, open worldwide!

We’re so excited about this book, & we can’t wait to share it with three lucky songbirds. The giveaway closes August 28th, so get your entries in ASAP!

If you don’t want to wait, Crowd Surfing With God by Adrienne Novy is out now & costs $15 USD, with free shipping for all orders over $60. We’d be honoured to send it your way this week.

We hope this book helps you forgive the person you were at thirteen, & maybe teach them how to do their makeup a little better. We hope it makes you celebrate what you’ve survived, & honour the music that’s brought you through your darkest nights. Thank you so much for your support.