Half Mystic Radio, Season I, Episode I: Death Being An Easy Disease to Fake


Welcome to a new look for Half Mystic, dear songbirds! After months of hard work by the whole team, we’re thrilled to unveil the new website design of HM—as well as another, larger change to our organisation that we hope will help further our mission of celebrating music in all its forms.

Half Mystic Radio is a new podcast that will feature one poet every fortnight performing their work, set to songs by independent musicians. Each episode will interrogate, linger with, & put in conversation & context art by diverse artists in diverse mediums, expanding & redefining narratives of what poetry & music “should” be.

This kind of art is what we came for: the wreck, & not the story of the wreck. The thing itself, & not the myth.

Season I of Half Mystic Radio will be hosted by myself & feature 16 gorgeous artists—some of whom are familiar faces as past HM contributors, & some of whom are completely new to our family. It will be available to stream at Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Overcast, Spotify, & wherever you get your podcasts within the next week.

For now, you can listen to Episode I: Death Being an Easy Disease to Fake on our website, or directly in this post:

This episode features Emily Paige Wilson's poems "In the Voice of Belle Gunness" & "Still Life on I-95", & The River Has Many Voices' song "11:33 AM". Emily Paige Wilson is the author of the chapbook I’ll Build Us a Home (Finishing Line Press, 2018). Her poetry has been nominated for Best New Poets, Best of the Net, & the Pushcart Prize. Her work can be found in The Adroit Journal, Hayden’s Ferry Review, PANK, & Thrush, among others. The River Has Many Voices is music that is born of the poetry & harmony of the hill country. TRHMV lives & writes in Austin, TX where he grew up.

If you enjoyed this snippet of light & are looking forward to more episodes of Half Mystic Radio: don’t go yet! Please do share your thoughts on Episode I with us using the hashtag #halfmysticspeaks. Or, you can @ us directly on social media—we are @halfmysticpress on all platforms.

Want to get involved? We are now open to submissions from both writers & musicians for inclusion in the podcast! Send us your symphony. We promise we won’t flinch.

& if you would like to support Half Mystic financially, the best way to do so is by purchasing one of our books or journal issues. You might particularly enjoy Issue IV, which contains work from Emily Paige Wilson, The River Has Many Voices, & over 20 other artists. Issue IV: Grazioso is a volume full of the light that never drowned anything, the kind of light that knows only song—we would be honoured to share it with you.

As you already know, we are a very small company running solely on sales of our publications—& as you will soon hear, we’ve chosen not to take on any sponsors for this free podcast. Please help us stay alive & keep bringing tender furious mellifluous art to you for many more years to come.

Songbirds, we are so incredibly thrilled to be sharing in this new adventure with you. Listen to Episode I; look forward to future episodes in this season; share your thoughts using the hashtag #halfmysticspeaks; support Emily Paige Wilson, The River Has Many Voices, & Half Mystic.

& thank you, as always, for your brilliant & burning support. This creation is for you, more than anyone or anything else. Hold it with care, like you’ve always done, like we know you always will.