Half Mystic Gives Back


Friends, we are so grateful for all of the light & warmth you’ve brought Half Mystic for the years we’ve been alive. It’s been such a joy to partake your kindness, & we couldn’t be more pleased to share that, starting this month, Half Mystic begins giving back to the community that’s raised us as a journal, a press, & a family. Inspired by our friends over at Cotton Xenomorph, we encourage you to make a donation to your favourite charity. If you donate $10 or more & include proof of donation alongside your submission to Half Mystic Journal or Half Mystic Press, we will offer you an editorial critique on your work.

Our critiques come from a group of highly skilled editors & reviewers with years of experience in the literary, musical, & artistic industries. They will be about 250 to 400 words long & written by two members of the HM team, so you will receive varied perspectives on your work. If your submission includes multiple pieces, we’ll provide our feedback on only one – just let us know in the body of your submission email which piece you’d most like our thoughts on. This offer applies both to submissions to our journal & press, & stands no matter whether your submission is rejected or accepted!

You may donate to any charity you wish as long as your donation is $10 or over, but here are some of our favourites, if you’d like suggestions… ACLU, Hungry for Music, To Write Love on Her Arms, Planned Parenthood, Little Kids Rock, Wildlife SOS, GOONJ, every organisation listed here & here.

We deeply believe in the power of kindness as a community, & we have hope that this initiative will give back to this brilliant, terrifying world we call home in some small way. Thank you as always for your support, & we’re so excited to share our thoughts on your gorgeous work with you. xx