Giveaway: Win a Signed Copy of Half Mystic's Issue I: Allegro


One of our favourite things to do at Half Mystic is to share inspiration freely with you songbirds: whether that be through selections, interviews, and long-form musings on the blog, 140-character bursts of softness on Twitter, or reblogs of art that brings us joy on Tumblr. But as we gear up for the publication of our second issue, saudade, the HM team could not help but wonder: what more can we do to share musical loveliness with you? How else can we further bring the celebration of melody into your life? Here is our answer.

We are delighted to share with you the first of what we hope will be many giveaways: a signed copy of our inaugural issue, allegro. This issue, featuring artists such as Dalton Day, Lydia Havens, Scherezade Siohban, and many more, sold out its first print run and now going strong on its second. Soon the second print run will be sold out and we are unsure whether we will be printing more copies afterwards - after all, we feel that perhaps half the beauty of this thing we have created lies in its rarity, its fleeting ephemerality.

But before Issue I is gone completely, we wanted to give you a chance to win a softcover, perfect-bound physical copy, signed by Half Mystic's founder & editor-in-chief, Topaz Winters. You have the chance to enter by putting in your email below, and you can then unlock even more entries by following us on Twitter, visiting our Facebook page, and more...

If you cannot wait, order Issue I: Allegro before it sells out completely. Also, remember that Issue II: Saudade is open for preorders: featuring artists like Dorothy Chan, Howie Good, and Talia Flores, it is shaping up to perhaps be even more beautiful than our inaugural issue. Saudade highlights the melancholy, bittersweet taste of a lullaby: the drifting photograph – the ache so tender-willing – the shards of bitter-soft yearning just before the fall. This is one you don't want to miss.

Good luck, dear songbird!