Announcing the Submission Deadline for Issue VII: Aubade

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Prose, poetry, music, & art submissions to Half Mystic Journal’s issue VII: Aubade are, as of today, officially closed! The aubade reading period was one of our busiest yet, with hundreds of submissions from around the world reimagining dawn in tender, intricate ways. Thank you all for sharing your gorgeous work with us.

Our editors received a rush of submissions just before the deadline to Issue VII, so if you submitted in the last week of the reading period, you probably won’t have a decision in your inbox just yet. We’ll do our absolute best to send out all decisions in the next two weeks—thank you for your patience as we work on curating the final pieces of the issue.

Half Mystic Journal’s Issue VII: Aubade comes out on June 8 & features art, lyrics, & writing by (so far!) Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach, Paola Bennet, Em Bartholet, Maureen Evans, Dina Hardy, Courtney Felle, Quinn Lui, Meriwether Clarke, SK Grout, Mina Yu, Rex Ybanez, Sandra Chen, Mia and Jonah, Tyler Summers, Daniel Gallie, & Lynn Werner, as well as columns by myself, Hana Widerman, & Elizabeth Ruth Deyro. If you haven’t preordered your copy yet, we hope you choose to share in this dawnsong with us—we’re so proud of this stretching sunlit thing we’re making for you.

To everyone who submitted to this issue, you’ve taught our team so many new definitions of sunrise, & we couldn’t be more grateful. Half Mystic loves you. Here’s to the hope of light.