Featured Artist Submissions

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In our celebration of music in all its forms, Half Mystic Journal is proud to spotlight contemporary visual artists whose work makes us laugh, cry, gasp, sigh, and see melody in forms we had never considered before. We include work from one artist per issue, known as our Featured Artist. We typically conduct an interview with them for our blog and journal, feature 13 to 15 of their pieces in the issue, and showcase their work on our website (all of the images you see on these pages are art from our artists!).

If you'd like to be featured as the next issue's artist, please do get in touch at journal@halfmystic.com with five to ten examples of previous art (not necessarily music-centred) as well as a short description of what music means to you. The subject line of your email should be Featured Artist Application: [Your Name].

Note that this position, as with all of our journal contributors, is unpaid—except, of course, in love, digital copies of the journal, and much virtual chocolate.

Past Featured Artists

Lynn Werner for Issue VII: Aubade: Lynn Werner was raised in Germany and began publishing her artwork at 16 years old. Since then she has started designing tattoos, album covers and illustrations for magazines, online shops and everything in between. Her art focuses on nature, mythology and the magic in everyday life. She is currently studying social sciences and working as an artist. See more of her work here.

Joyanna M. for Issue VI: Interlude: Joyanna M. resides in Seattle with her partner Lily Bell, where they both create fiction, poetry, art, and music. Her works have been published in The Rumpus, Moonchild Magazine, Luna Luna Magazine, Rag Queen Periodical, and Five:2:One. She is the featured artist in Jennifer Patterson's new poetry collection A Beautiful Unraveling. She produces music under the moniker Aquamarine Space Unicorns. You can follow her on Twitter at @joyanna1985. See more of her work here.

Allen Forrest for Issue V: CadenzaAllen Forrest is a writer and graphic artist for covers and illustrations of literary publications and books.  The winner of the 2015 Leslie Jacoby Honor for Art at San Jose State University’s Reed Magazine, he lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. His Bel Red landscape paintings are part of the Bellevue College Foundation’s permanent art collection in Bellevue, WA. See more of his work here and here.

Alexandra Eldridge for Issue IV: GraziosoAlexandra Eldridge, born of artist parents, received her BA in Art and Literature at Ohio University. She co-founded an establishment for the arts, Golgonooza, based upon the philosophies of William Blake. She has had over 40 solo shows and has participated in many group shows throughout the U.S., as well as many international exhibitions. She has exhibited in Paris, London, Belgrade, Ljubljana, New York, California, and Santa Fe. Alexandra has painted murals in the Place de Vosges, Paris, and her work has been used for the cover of twenty books of poetry. Traveling, as an important part of her inspiration, has led her to artist’s residencies on the Island of Elba, Italy, and the Valparaiso Foundation in Spain. Alexandra has been featured in Art News, Art LTD, Art On Paper, New American Painting, and American Art Collector. Her work can be found in the collections of William Hurt, Steve Buscemi, and Edie Falco, along with many other prestigious collections. See more of her work here.

Anouk Vercouter for Issue III: Nocturne: Anouk Vercouter, born in 1991 (Ostend, Belgium), lives and works in Ghent, where she graduated as a Master in drawing and printmaking at LUCA School of Arts. Anouk's work is especially triggered by the period in art history where fine art and the representation of beauty disconnect. She expresses the results of her romantic vision by effortlessly drawing on paper, mainly in graphite or coloured pencil. The artist, whose oeuvre is situated between visual art and illustration, reaches out to her viewers by inviting them to join her on a trip into the imaginary. Her ambition is to never impose an unambiguous interpretation but to hand out only a few "props" in order to uncover a unique story into the individual viewer's imagination. The diversity of the storylines and the unrestricted associations revealed by her drawings, contaminated by the carefully chosen objects that the artist surrounds herself with in her studio/Wunderkammer, excite her imagination and force her to draw, continuously. See more of her work here.

Linden Eller for Issue II: Saudade: Born in 1984, Linden spent her youth in the urban Sonoran desert of Phoenix, Arizona before moving to Southern California to obtain her BA in Studio Art. She’s since lived and worked out of New England, Europe, India, Australia, Samoa and currently New Zealand. This primary interest in place and self-archival attracted her to the collage medium. Using a combination of found fragments and personal elements, she composes floating abstract shapes sewn together with thread on paper. Her work centers around themes of memory, its process, and the layers of small alterations which happen each time something is recollected. She also aims to communicate the melancholy in unresolved matters, like her brother’s autism, or natural losses. Choosing a distinctly pale colour palette together with the use of tracing paper, her pieces attempt to replicate the quiet hazy environment from which a memory is recalled. Blending autobiographical narratives with larger collective subjects such as childhood, longing, and home, Linden thinks of her collages as field recordings from the mind. Linden's work has been mentioned in Frankie Magazine online, and been included in numerous publications, such as Thistle MagazineArt Ascent, and Lynda Hallinan's book Jam Sessions. She recently completed a two month residency at the Tiapapata Art Centre in Samoa, where she produced a solo exhibition about island nostalgia entitled Sleep/SwimSee more of her work here.

Ilana Newman for Issue I: Allegro: Ilana Newman is a writer, photographer and film maker who has lived the Pacific Northwest her entire life, but will be going many many more places in the foreseeable future. She is most at home in the mountains, and spends as much time outside as possible. She attends Western Washington University where she is planning on studying photography and writing. Her passion is storytelling. See more of her work here.