Journal Submissions. 

Please note that this is not the page containing submission guidelines for Half Mystic Press. If you're looking to submit a manuscript for consideration, please head over here for more information.

Submissions are now open for Half Mystic Journal's Issue V: Cadenza. Issue V celebrates swing jazz and tapping feet, midnight on cobblestoned streets, drunken solo out a three-story window, drowsy night and saxophone laugh, clumsy dance, serenade with the stars as a microphone, air of smoke and blue, a love affair as old fashioned as it is timeless.

Cadenza is a musical term meaning an improvised flourish at the end of a longer jazz piece. It embodies movement, spontaneity, twirling with closed eyes and open arms.

We consider the following types of pieces for publication:

  • all types of writing (including poetry, fiction, drama, creative nonfiction, and hybrid work) as long as it pertains in some way to music;
  • original music.

Guidelines for submitting (please follow these exactly, or we will have to regretfully decline your submission):

  • You may submit up to three pieces in each category.
  • Keep writing under 3000 words, and songs under 8 minutes.
  • When submitting a song, please include lyrics with your submission. (Of course, disregard if your piece(s) don't have lyrics.)
  • We do not accept previously-published writing, including on personal blogs. We do consider previously-published music, but please let us know in your submission where and when your piece was published. Simultaneous submissions are welcome.
  • We only publish predominantly English pieces. No translations for now.
  • Please don't send us any work with quoted song lyrics, due to copyright limitations. You may use song titles and names of performers, and you may refer to or paraphrase song lyrics, but unless the songs you are quoting are in the public domain (i.e. written before 1920), we cannot publish them.
  • Half Mystic is an ardent supporter of diverse creators and their work. Please do send us pieces that explore the experiences of minorities - we would love to receive them. Also know that we do not tolerate work that discriminates against any minorities. Such work will be automatically rejected.
  • Above all: we want you to twist and bend, stretch the limits, suffuse us with the rhythm of innovation. We fall in love with pieces that make us rethink what music means.

We also include artwork from one visual artist per issue, known as our Featured Artist. For more information on this position and how to apply for it, click here.

Send us your work at The subject line should be "Journal Submission: [Category], [Title], [Name]" (e.g. "Journal Submission: Song, Elvis Presley, Can't Help Falling In Love"). Please also include a 120 word or shorter contributor bio, to be included in the issue in the case that your piece is accepted for publication.

We highly recommend that you take a look at HMJ's past issues to get a feel for our aesthetic and the types of work that we adore.

Paste your writing into the body of the email (or, if the formatting is experimental, attach as a Word document). Attach songs as .mp3 files. General questions can be directed to the same email. And please do include a small note to us in the body. Say hello. Tell us about yourself. Send us a song you've been loving lately, or a whole playlist. Tell us why you've chosen our journal as a home for your lovely piece. We want to know you.

We do our best to respond to submissions within three weeks. That said, as we are a very small journal running mostly on love, caffeine, and a damn good mixtape, we may take longer during heavy submission periods. If you have not heard back from us after five weeks, please do email us to inquire. Gentle nudging never results in bad feelings, we promise.

At the moment we cannot pay our contributors. However, contributors do receive complimentary eBook copies of the issue they are featured in, along with the Half Mystic community's full love and support in all of their future endeavours.

Send us your best. Let's make some magic together.